Professional Polish


Cutting-edge NanoFusion TechnologyProduces a Spectacular Shine Safe on all finishes, Windows, Chrome, & Aluminum No harmful chemicals Never any residue or streaking





The Basics

A high-tech blend of super small Nano-polymers which bond together through NanoFusion to produce a brilliant, long-lasting shine. No wax, no silicone, no PTFE(Teflon), no Mineral Seal Oil, and no harmful petroleum distillates. S3FUSION Polish® is economical too. One product can be used on all surfaces of your vehicle and less than 2 ounces polishes the average car.  Apply and then lightly buff with a clean microfiber cloth. No streaking or powdery residue, ever! Guaranteed.


  • 2oz –- $6.95
  • 4oz –- $10.95
  • 8oz –- $17.95
  • 16oz — $29.95

Selected Featured Info

Being no larger than 1/80,000 of a human hair allows these molecules to go far deeper than large molecules like silicone, petroleum distillates(kerosene, paraffin, mineral oil), and Carnuba wax which are found in many, if not most, of the leading brands on the market!

Other Great Tidbits

S3FUSION reduces friction by producing a surface which is so slippery that dust, dirt, and grime can be easily removed saving time and energy.

How It Works

S3FUSION Polish® changes the optical properties of the light reflected from the treated surface because of the new smoothness present at the microscopic level. Reflected light waves no longer bounce around below the surface before being reflected. S3FUSION bonds to itself and to the surface to which it is applied. It is optically pure so multiple coats never build up and cause problems.

Directions For Use


S3FUSIONProfessional Polish

S3FUSIONProfessional Polish contains a special blend of extremely small Nano-polymer molecules. They are so small, that they can penetrate far deeper than any other product on the market. Once applied, their advanced chemistry allows them to fuse to each other and to the microscopic abnormalities on the surface. This deep bonding allows a level of protection not available in any other product. The molecular size of the molecules in other products is too large to work like S3FUSION Professional Polish. Since it contains no abrasive chemicals it will not make a dull oxidized finish shiny.

Directions for Use

1. Start with a clean vehicle. If you wash the vehicle, dry it with a clean microfiber towel. S3FUSIONProfessional Polish is water based so it will work well even if the vehicle is not completely dry.

2. Spray a small amount, 4 – 5 sprays, of S3FUSIONProfessional Polish directly on to the surface of the vehicle or on to a clean micro-fiber cloth. We have found that there is less waste if you spray it on the cloth since all of the spray goes on the cloth and not in the air. Apply to a section at a time. A little goes a long way. Make sure all of the surface is covered. Rub the polish into the surface until it almost disappears. 2 ounces should do your entire car!

When applied, S3FUSIONProfessional Polish will not create a residue or haze, even on chrome and windows. You can buff the surface immediately as S3FUSIONdries and penetrates to the microscopic level of the surface very fast. Or, you can also apply to the entire vehicle and buff after you have finished.

3. Buff each section by hand, or with slow-speed random orbital buffer, using another clean microfiber cloth for the entire vehicle, to bring out a spectacular shine, and continue to spray, apply, and buff where coverage is needed. It’s that simple!

4.For best results, especially if using S3FUSIONProfessional Polish for the first time,apply two coats to create a brilliant better than showroom shine and deep luster finish.

5. S3FUSION™Professional Polish can be applied in the sun or shade. But, shade is always best.

Caution: Do not use this product on steering wheel, gas pedal, break pedal, or any floors; they may become very slippery and dangerous. If over-spray occurs, reaching the floor, use a detergent to remove. Keep out of reach of children. Can irritate the eyes.